Fundraising from Home!

We have managed to secure some fundraising campaigns during this time period to help us generate revenue and supply you with some FANTASTIC items!

Any fundraising items not picked up within the assigned time listed below will be considered a donation. Sorry NO exceptions! Team parents will receive credit towards their Fundraising commitment.

We appreciate your ongoing support! If you have any questions with regards to the fundraisers please let us know.

Barrie Kempettes Gymnastics Club

Little Casers Pizza Kits ONLINE Fundraiser:


3.Then Select SHOP

4.Go to Purchase and Support a Local Fundraiser

5.Enter Fundraising ID 383601

6.Shop and complete your order

The Online Campaign will end as of April 21st and is available NOW!

Delivery of items will be May 5th to the OUTSIDE of the Main Gym. Pick up time to be confirmed and will be email to you.

North Country Meat and Seafood:

Order forms are to be filled out and EMAILED back to the MAIN office email I will then produce an INVOICE that you can pay ONLINE through QuickBooks or send an E-Transfer to this email address with the password being NorthCountry.

Orders MUST be emailed by May 1st.

Delivery/Pick up will be May 12th at 6:00 pm right off of the truck in front of the Main Gym.

North Country Meat and Seafood Fundraiser Forms:

Product Information:

North Country Product Information

North Country Sellers Order Form

North Country Customer Form

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